Dave Gibbons is an experienced Visual Effects Artist specialising in Digital Matte Painting and Concept Design for film, television, commercials and video games.

A freelance career spanning 20 years has seen Dave work with noted studios, large and small, across the globe. Dave’s matte paintings have been featured in titles including Game of Thrones, The Luminaries, Ripper Street, Harry Potter and Sweeney Todd.

Dave started his career in London with a degree in Fine Art, his first job being “My House in Umbria”, working under Angus Bickerton (The Senate) with a small team at Twickenham Film Studios. From there he moved to Soho to work on Ella Enchanted and The Life and Death of Peter Sellers. With Soho as a stomping ground, he honed his craft at studios including MPC London, The Mill (London/NYC), Passion Pictures, Absolute Post, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Fluid Pictures, Cinesite, BaseBlack and Lip-sync Post.

Supervisory roles include Art Director/Matte Painting Supervisor at The Mill London and MPC Commercials Art Department Supervisor, where he led teams of varying experience on over 200 projects.

Now based in sunny New Zealand, Dave has fine-tuned the art of working remotely. Effective communication, experience working in different pipelines, the ability to utilise New Zealand’s time difference, an extensive resource library and of course consummate skill are all factors in making timely deliveries for happy clients. David has established long-standing relationships with industry professionals, based on trust and a valuable contribution to the projects he works on.

Having worked in-house and remotely for many companies, Dave is accustomed to adapting to the technical requirements of any particular project. His primary tool is the stalwart Adobe Photoshop. If projected matte paintings are required, this can also be accommodated.


A Gentleman in MoscowSenior Matte Painter2024RUMBLE
TEMPURSenior Matte Painter2024RASCAL
Trojena Cognitive MasterPlanSenior Matte Painter2024Needafixer
True DetectiveSenior Matte Painter2023RUMBLE
SupacellSenior Matte Painter2023RUMBLE
The Crown Season 6Senior Matte Painter2023RUMBLE
JamisonsSenior Matte Painter2023RASCAL
SKYSenior Matte Painter2023RASCAL
Vodafone FamilyValuesSenior Matte Painter2023RASCAL
Waitrose ChristmasSenior Matte Painter2023RASCAL
Thames Water "AI"Senior Matte Painter2023RASCAL
The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick TurpinSenior Matte Painter2023LOLA Post
Alexander: The Making of a God Senior Matte Painter2023LOLA Post
Heineken FootballSenior Matte Painter2023Gabha Studios
LEGOSenior Matte Painter2023Gabha Studios
NFLNBASenior Matte Painter2023Future Deluxe
Our Flag Means DeathSenior Matte Painter2023FATHOM VFX
MarriottSenior Matte Painter2023ARC
The BuccaneersSenior Matte Painter2023Absolute Post
DebutanteSenior Matte Painter2023Absolute Post
William HillSenior Matte Painter2023Coffee & TV
House Of Disney Senior Matte Painter2023Coffee & TV
Specsavers Senior Matte Painter2023Electric Theatre Collective
Tesco Mobile - Welcome To The Helpful Network Senior Matte Painter2023Electric Theatre Collective
STAR BUCKSSenior Matte Painter2022No8
ASDASenior Matte Painter2022No8
GOOGLE STUFFEDSenior Matte Painter2022No8
Dangerous LiaisonsSenior Matte Painter2022LOLA Post
GuinnessSenior Matte Painter2022Electric Theatre Collective
JAGSenior Matte Painter2022Electric Theatre Collective
QATARSenior Matte Painter2022Electric Theatre Collective
The GRAND TOURSenior Matte Painter2022Coffee& TV
HOUSE OF DISNYSenior Matte Painter2022Coffee& TV
TACOBELLSenior Matte Painter2022ALT
NBASenior Matte Painter2022ALT
James SquireSenior Matte Painter2022ALT
LionsgateSenior Matte Painter2022ABSOULTE POST
LINCONSenior Matte Painter2021HOTSPRINGS
KeatonSenior Matte Painter2021PASSIOPICTURES
Rainbow Riches CasinoSenior Matte Painter2021UNIT
Cricket HolidaySenior Matte Painter2021PSYOP
Museum of the FutureSenior Matte Painter2021Framestore
The BabySenior Matte Painter2021Framestore
ESSITY_COLUMBUSSenior Matte Painter2021Framestore
LandroverSenior Matte Painter2021Electric Theatre Collective
Tesco ChristmasSenior Matte Painter2021Electric Theatre Collective
SHEBA ANIMATICSenior Matte Painter2021Electric Theatre Collective
METASenior Matte Painter2021Electric Theatre Collective
MooniverseSenior Matte Painter2021Electric Theatre Collective
DUBAISenior Matte Painter2021Electric Theatre Collective
ARAMCOSenior Matte Painter2021Electric Theatre Collective
AMAZONSenior Matte Painter2021Electric Theatre Collective
MERCEDES - THE STAR IS REBONSenior Matte Painter2021Coffee&TV
Midnight at the Pera PalaceSenior Matte Painter2021CAUSE&FX
WILLAM HILLSenior Matte Painter
TikTokSenior Matte Painter2021BLACKKITE
SONYSenior Matte Painter2021BLACKKITE
The Lost Flowers of Alice HartSenior Matte Painter2021Alt VFX
AdobeSenior Matte Painter2021Alt VFX
Fuji FIlmSenior Matte Painter2021Alt VFX
TacoBell QuesalupaSenior Matte Painter2021Alt VFX
Senior Matte Painter20211920
The LuminariesSenior Matte Painter2020Assembly
Toyota SupraSenior Matte Painter2020Alt VFX
AirwickSenior Matte Painter2020Alt VFX
XylemSenior Matte Painter2020Coffee & TV
Sky / VIPSenior Matte Painter2020Blackkite Studios
Erste Group / Hanna BumblebeeSenior Matte Painter2019Passion Pictures
Compare the Market / Long Walk HomeSenior Matte Painter2019Passion Pictures
Taylor's of Harrogate / Why Didn't We Think of Them Before?Senior Matte Painter2019Electric Theatre Collective
Gatorade / Goat CampConcept Artist2019Jamm VFX
IMAX / Infinite WorldsSenior Matte Painter2019Jamm VFX
Lottery / 25 Senior Matte Painter
2019Nineteen Twenty  
AA / Red DwarfSenior Matte Painter2019Nineteen Twenty
NectarConcept Artist2019Nineteen Twenty
Foals / InDegreesSenior Matte Painter2019Friends of London TV
AirwickSenior Matte Painter2019Blockhead
MacallanSenior Matte Painter2018Absolute Post
Pine GapSenior Matte Painter2018Kojo
SunbitesConcept Artist2018Assembly
The Little StrangerSenior Matte Painter2018Screen Scene
Yakut /  A Little Bottle of ScienceSenior Matte Painter2018Coffee & TV
Arctic Monkeys / Four Out of FiveSenior Matte Painter2018Friends of London TV
Mitsubishi / Triton BlackSenior Matte Painter2018Blockhead
ColetteSenior Matte Painter2018LipSync Post
The Hurricane HeistSenior Matte Painter2018LipSync Post
On Chesil BeachSenior Matte Painter2017LipSync Post
Troy / The Fall of a CitySenior Matte Painter2017Lola Post
MeridianSenior Matte Painter2017Toybox
ChurchillSenior Matte Painter2017LipSync Post
Gatorade / Everything ChangesSenior Matte Painter2017Alt VFX
Mazda CX-5 / Magic of ImaginationSenior Matte Painter2017Alt VFX
Woman Walks AheadSenior Matte Painter2017LipSync Post
Category 5Senior Matte Painter2017LipSync Post
6 DaysSenior Matte Painter2017LipSync Post
Funny CowSenior Matte Painter2017LipSync Post
We Have Always Lived in CastleSenior Matte Painter2017Screen Scene
The State / Crossing the BorderSenior Matte Painter2017LipSync Post
Grand Tour 2Senior Matte Painter2017Lola Post
QuacksSenior Matte Painter2017Lola Post
Fortitude Season 2Senior Matte Painter2017Lola Post
xXx3 / The Return of Xander CageSenior Matte Painter2017Rising Sun Pictures
CitizenSenior Matte Painter2016Blockhead
Shovel BuddiesSenior Matte Painter2016Electric Theatre Collective
Darbo / BeesSenior Matte Painter2016Blockhead
X-Men / ApocalypseSenior Matte Painter2016Rising Sun Pictures
Game of Thrones Season 6Senior Matte Painter2016Rising Sun Pictures
Ripper Street Season 5Senior Matte Painter2016Lola Post
LiptonSenior Matte Painter2016Blockhead
The Frankenstein ChroniclesSenior Matte Painter2015Screen Scene
Burberry / London in Los Angeles / EventSenior Matte Painter2015Burberry
WhittakersSenior Matte Painter2015Blockhead
DarboSenior Matte Painter2015Blockhead
O2 / Top DogSenior Matte Painter2015Electric Theatre Collective
FreeviewSenior Matte Painter2015Electric Theatre Collective
Glenfiddich / Magnificent TenSenior Matte Painter2015Electric Theatre Collective
Royal London Insurance IdentsSenior Matte Painter2015Electric Theatre Collective
Ripper Street Series TwoSenior Matte Painter2014Screen Scene Post 
Tower Insurance / Lighthouse KeeperSenior Matte Painter2014Blockhead
Respect NetworkConcept Artist2014Cherry Cherry
The Passing BellsSenior Matte Painter2014LipSync Post
Second OriginSenior Matte Painter2014LipSync Post
Axe / Oasis of CalmSenior Matte Painter2014Electric Theatre Collective
British Army / Normal DaySenior Matte Painter2014Electric Theatre Collective
HSBC / Your Personal EconomySenior Matte Painter2014Electric Theatre Collective
Halfords / Keep on Rolling Senior Matte Painter2014Electric Theatre Collective
McCain / Emmerdale Idents Senior Matte Painter2014Electric Theatre Collective
Burberry / London in Shanghai Event Senior Matte Painter2014Burberry London
Go Compare / Coach Senior Matte Painter2014Filament Post London
Go Compare / Love CoachSenior Matte Painter2014Filament Post London
Burberry / Chinese New YearSenior Matte Painter2013Burberry London
Burberry / ChristmasSenior Matte Painter2013Burberry London
Sky / Come with Us Senior Matte Painter2013Ruskin 
Playstation PS4 / This is for the PlayersSenior Matte Painter2013Electric Theatre Collective
British Airways / One Year AfterSenior Matte Painter2013Electric Theatre Collective
The Great Train RobberySenior Matte Painter2013Lipsync Post
Goodyear / Brand Senior Matte Painter2013Electric Theatre Collective
Peugeot / Wacky Races VictorySenior Matte Painter2013Electric Theatre Collective
Alton Towers / The SmilerSenior Matte Painter2013Electric Theatre Collective
Goodyear / Office DaySenior Matte Painter2013Electric Theatre Collective
Axe / Soulmates Senior Matte Painter2013Electric Theatre Collective
Murder on the Home FrontSenior Matte Painter2013The Senate VFX
XBOX / Defiance Join the FightSenior Matte Painter2013Unit TV 
Toyota / AurisSenior Matte Painter2013Absolute Post London
BBC / Christmas Episode 1Senior Matte Painter2012Electric Theatre Collective
Burberry / Christmas Senior Matte Painter2012Burberry London
Spartacus / War of the Damned Senior Matte Painter2012Digi Post New Zealand 
Great Expectations Senior Matte Painter2012LipSync Post 
Glaxosmithkline / Ready Senior Matte Painter2012Electric Theatre Collective
Cadburys / VansSenior Matte Painter2012Electric Theatre Collective
T Mobile / TraktorArt Department Supervisor2012MPC London
Visa / Olympic Spot Bolt vs LondonArt Department Supervisor2012MPC London
Sky TV / Get Under the Skin of Formula 1Art Department Supervisor2012MPC London
Chevy Volt / Hamtramck MArt Department Supervisor2012MPC London
FrankenweenieArt Department Supervisor2011NVIZ Studio London
Salmon Fishing in Yemen Senior Matte Painter2011LipSync Post London
United Senior Matte Painter2011LipSync Post London
MullerMatte Painting Supervisor 2011The Mill London
Converse / DesireMatte Painting Supervisor 2011The Mill London
Magners / BeesMatte Painting Supervisor 2011The Mill London
Audi / Release the HoundsMatte Painting Supervisor 2011The Mill London
Dior Homme / La RencontreMatte Painting Supervisor2011The Mill London
AT&T / SpringMatte Painting Supervisor2011The Mill London
Axe Lynx / Even Angeles Will FallMatte Painting Supervisor2010The Mill London
Nintendo / Past is PrologueMatte Painting Supervisor2010The Mill London
Honda / Impossible DreamMatte Painting Supervisor2010The Mill London
Nike / Write the FutureMatte Painting Supervisor
2010The Mill London
Adidas /  Wars Mash-upMatte Painting Supervisor2010The Mill London
Santander / lego Bridge Matte Painting Supervisor2010The Mill London
Guinness / World to LifeMatte Painting Supervisor2010The Mill London
EA Games / FIFA Soccer 10Matte Painting Supervisor2009The Mill London
Guinness / To ArthurMatte Painting Supervisor2009The Mill London
Old Spice / Different ScentsMatte Painting Supervisor2009The Mill London
GlastonburyMatte Painting Supervisor2009The Mill London
AdidasMatte Painting Supervisor2009The Mill London
FonecctaArt Director2009The Mill London
Skellig PromoMatte Painting Supervisor2009The Mill London
Opel / InsigniaMatte Painting Supervisor2009The Mill London
LG / Sleeping BeautyMatte Painting Supervisor2009The Mill London
Johnnie Walker / Crossroads Art Director2009The Mill London
V8 LeafSenior Matte Painter2009Absolute Post
Harry Potter and the Half-blood PrinceSenior Matte Painter2009Rising Sun Pictures 
Nutcracker The Untold StorySenior Matte Painter2008Baseblack
The Secret of MoonacreSenior Matte Painter2008Baseblack
Colour of MagicSenior Matte Painter2007Fluid Pictures
Puma / Until ThenSenior Matte Painter2007The Mill London
The Other Boleyn GirlSenior Matte Painter2007Moving Picture Company
Sweeney ToddSenior Matte Painter2007Moving Picture Company
KillshotSenior Matte Painter2007Baseblack
His Dark Materials: The Golden CompassMatte Painter2007Cinesite
StardustSenior Matte Painter
2007LipSync Post
Elizabeth. The Golden Age.Senior Matte Painter2007Moving Picture Company
WestfieldMatte Painter2006The Mill
Citroen / Robot IceskaterMatte Painter2006The Mill
Lynx / GirlsMatte Painter2006The Mill
Land Rover / Go BeyondMatte Painter
2006The Mill
Coca Cola / Blak ArchitectMatte Painter
2006The Mill
Whirlpool / ArcticMatte Painter2006The Mill
MFIMatte Painter2006Passion Pictures
Amazing Grace / FilmMatte Painter2006Moving Picture Company
The Da Vinci Code / FilmMatte Painter2006Moving Picture Company
Stormbreaker / FilmMatte Painter2005Moving Picture Company
First China Emperor / DocumentaryMatte Painter2005422 VFX
Honda AccordMatte Painter2005Passion Pictures
Katie Melua / Beijing PromoMatte Painter2005Moving Picture Company
Egypt / BBC Drama/DocumentaryMatte Painter2005Moving Picture Company
Inside the Ultimate / DocumentaryMatte Painter2005422 VFX
Nike / Mutant FootMatte Painter2005The Mill
Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryMatte Painter2005Moving Picture Company
Stella ArtoisMatte Painter2005Moving Picture Company
Audi / Letters 2Matte Painter2005Moving Picture Company
EA Games / The Need for SpeedMatte Painter2005The Mill New York
Tanqueray Tony GinMatte Painter2005The Mill New York
Batman BeginsMatte Painter2005The Senate VFX
Audi / LettersMatte Painter2004Moving Picture Company
The River King / FilmMatte Painter2004Nexus VFX
Merchant of Venice / FilmMatte Painter2004Nexus VFX
BlessedMatte Painter2004Nexus VFX
Around the World in 80 DaysMatte Painter2003Jim Henson's Creature Shop
The Life and Death of Peter SellersMatte Painter2003Nexus VFX
Ella Enchanted Matte Painter2003Enchanted VFX
My House in Umbria Matte Painter2002Angus Bickerton VFX


2004 / Jimi Hendrix at the Marquee
Six large paintings of Jimi Hendrix onto black fabric including design of artwork.

2004 / We Will Rock You
The Queen Musical (Las Vegas Theatre Production) - CGI Matte Painter

2000-2003 / Storyboard Artist

1998–2002 / Mural Artist

1999 / Portrait Artist
Selfridges, London

1998-1999 / Life-drawing Supervisor


2002 / BA (Hons.) Visual Arts Drawing
Camberwell College of Art, London

1999 / Higher National Certificate Public Art Management
Barnet College, London

1997 / Advanced GNVQ Art & Design
Barnet College, London

1995 / A-Level Art & Design
Leyton College, London